Daragh Minogue

Email: daragh.minogue@smuc.ac.uk

Editorial advisor and occasional contributor to the Sports Gazette, Daragh runs the MA in Sports Journalism at St.Mary's University. After Spurs, his sporting loyalties are divided (Scottish father, Irish mother, but grew up in England). He writes for various publications usually on sport and politics.

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Stories by Daragh

  • The top 12 women sports journalists
    Women make up just 10 per cent of sports journalists in Britain. That’s far less than the number of female MPs in the House of Commons (22 per cent) and the number of female clergy in the Church of England (20 per cent). Is the profession doing anything about this?
  • Marina's Story
    Daragh Minogue travelled to Brazil during the World Cup to meet one of his former students, Marina Izidro.