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INSIDE THE INDUSTRY: Hugh Woozencroft on the BBC and the battle of 'TV v Radio'

Published: 31 May 2017

To continue our ‘Inside the Industry’ series, Sports Gazette spoke to former St. Mary’s student Hugh Woozencroft, now presenter of BBC Sportsday, about radio and TV production.

There are various routes into broadcasting, all of which involve a lot of hard work, and Hugh’s route is no different.

Hugh said: “I had part time jobs at IMG and the Royal Household. I worked at Harrods and in the City for short periods before my Masters at St Mary's.”

The break came at the BBC just after Hugh finished the course as a broadcast assistant on 5live’s Sportsweek.

“I moved onto 5live Sport as a broadcast assistant in Television Centre before the move to Salford,” Hugh said.

“I was a sports news assistant producer after two and a half years working as a BA on rugby union and boxing.

“There were then two years as an assistant producer before the last two years as a broadcaster on 5live and BBC News.”

Hugh has had experience of both TV and radio but which does he prefer?

“Radio is better because you can breathe more, relax, discuss, and generally be yourself on different topics, to a greater extent,” Hugh said.

“Television is very dependent on rights and pictures where on radio a personal experience may be enough for a story to really be grasped by the audience.

“Clearly TV has an enormous role in our world but radio can't be underestimated!”

Some may say that radio production has not advanced very far in the digital age but this would be short-sighted.

It's now possible to listen to radio anywhere on a mobile phone, podcasts can be made and there is more room for creativity due to a wider potential audience.

But how will the radio platform develop and change in the future?

Hugh said: “The consumption of radio will be similar over the next 5 years.

“Stations will look to brand even more for online so expect short and sharp podcasts to be a more usual way to consume everything that isn't a live event.”

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